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Machine and plant construction poses the highest requirements to operational and failure safety of products which are usually highly integrated linked systems. This also and especially applies regarding safety against interferences from the mains grid. Failure of components – even short-term or limited to individual assemblies – may cause entire plant sections or machines to shut down and thus endanger the entire system‘s productivity.

Rising energy costs and increasing requirements to energy efficiency, lead to new plant and control concepts with a „smart power supply concept“ as an integral component. Such power management systems permit complete shut-down and timely reactivation of components and assemblies not currently needed, ensure peak loads and use highly efficient individual components.

State-of-the-art power supply systems in this area are now equipped with communications interfaces that can be used to exchange operationally relevant data using industry-standard protocols with superordinate control or management systems. Increasingly often, the vending machine area requires stationary devices without mains connection, covering their power demand from PV modules and using rechargeable batteries for interim storage.

FG-ELEKTRONIK specialises in secure power supply systems for machine and plant construction. We have been proving our quality and competence as an innovative and reliable industry partner in highly sophisticated projects for many years. In close cooperation with you, our customers, we develop and produce application-specific complex and energyefficient energy management systems.

We support you with our comprehensive know-how and experience in system design for best energy efficiency and operational safety as well. This way, we will find a solution for your application‘s power supply task together that is as secure as it is cost-efficient.


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