ICA Traffic GmbH: Energy-Efficient Ticket Vending Machine

ICA Traffic GmbH in Dortmund is a leading manufacturer of ticket vending machines and ticketing systems for public transport. We have been supporting ICA for more than a decade in specification and selection of power supply systems for the vending machines, which we also develop and produce. The electrical consumers in the current ticket vending machine version of Deutsche Bahn are supplied by FG-ELEKTRONIK power supply systems.

In the scope of a state-subsidised cooperation initiated by us, we developed an energy-efficient ticket vending machine together with ICA and the Erlangen University. This new vending machine achieves savings of 50% as compared to its predecessors and competitors mainly by four measure packages:

  • Replacement of all vending machine components – where possible – by energy-saving assemblies
  • Power management
  • Switching off of components that are not needed
  • Peak load management
  • Installation of sensors and a communications system to determine the control parameters
  • High-efficiency AC/DC converters (24V rail)
  • High-efficiency step-up/down charger for the buffer battery

The performance scope of FG-ELEKTRONIK GmbH in this project was the development of the power supply concept and of the corresponding power supply unit. It is modularly built and comprises not only a scalable AC/DC converter for the 24V rail, slots for electronic switches (with and without current limitation), DC/DC converters, chargers and a communications assembly. The power supply assembly can be adjusted to changed requirements of the necessary voltages or the installed battery in the number of assemblies supplied.


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