Local Dose Measuring System


In their natural environment, people are always subject to ionising radiation. It is comprised of natural radiation of the radioactive substances that are in the ground everywhere, cosmic radiation from space and radiation from „industrial sources“ (Chernobyl, etc.). The so-called gamma local dose rate is measured at more than 1800 measuring stations on a grid of 20 x 20 km in Germany. The results are forwarded to measuring stations.


These measuring data are recorded and assessed by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. The institute therefore is able to determine distribution of the radioactive cloud in case of a nuclear emergency. The relevant authorities then can, in turn, initiate measures to warn or protect the population.

FG-ELEKTRONIK developed the power supply system for the measuring stations.


It is performed as a battery-buffered 19“ assembly with temperature-controlled battery charger, a supply voltage for the micro-controller assembly and output voltage for the measuring probe. Some of the measuring stations are subject to extreme environmental influences. Therefore, development is targeted at best operational safety and longevity of the power supply. Another special feature is the high demand regarding EMC, since the measuring data is safety-relevant and must not be impaired by power supply interferences.


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