Ziehm Imaging GmbH: C-Arm X-Ray Unit


Ziehm Imaging GmbH is among the globally leading manufacturers of C-arm X-ray units. For more than 10 years, we have been delivering essential power supply components for these high-end X-ray devices. These are voltage-controlled power sources used as pre-controller for the X-ray tube high-voltage generator and a DC/DC-converter that supplies power to the X-ray generator‘s control electronics.


C-arm X-ray units are used around the world, partially under rough ambience conditions like in the military environment of a field hospital. This poses special requirements to robustness, longevity and operational safety, also and specifically to the design of power supply assemblies. These requirements are implemented in a mechanically stable construction and sophisticated thermal concept to ensure that the overall system will work reliably even under extreme ambience temperatures.


Our power supply components for X-ray units and provides:

  • Voltage-controlled power source as pre-controller
  • Reliable and efficient voltage supply with DC/DC-converter
  • Warranty of longevity and robustness in the area of application
  • Optimum thermic concept
  • Customer-specific design of the electronic devices


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