LEISEGANG Feinmechanik-Optik GmbH: Power source for LED colposcopes

Leisegang has over 65 years of experience in the development and production of colposcopes, which are used in gynaecological examinations, including those to detect cancer at an early stage. As a subsidiary of the CooperSurgical Group, the traditional manufacturer exports its high-quality systems to more than 70 countries across the globe.

With their excellent optics, several magnification levels and first-class illumination, Leisegang colposcopes provide a three-dimensional image, thus allowing early and precise diagnosis. They are therefore described throughout
the world as the „gold standard“ in colposcopy.

All Leisegang colposcopes are equipped with continuously adjustable white-light LED lighting with a lighting strength of up to 52,000 Lux. Power is supplied to the system by a compact adjustable LED constant power source
that was developed specially by FG-ELEKTRONIK. Because of the high EMC requirement, a linear control is used here. This is also a demanding project from a regulatory point of view, since compliance with international safety standards also has to be ensured.


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