Lifebridge AG: Bridge To Therapy (B2T)


The first portable heart-lung machine in the world was produced in Upper Bavaria. Its most important component group comes from Middle Franconia. Lifebridge AG revolutionised cardiac surgery and cardiology with the Lifebridge B2T. It is ready for use within minutes right at the site of the emergency or in cardiology practice. It requires a power supply system that reliably supplies the different heart-lung machine consumers with power of different voltages in any operating situation. In very close cooperation with the developers and constructors of Lifebridge AG, we designed and implemented the required power management system.


The B2T consists of a stationary basic and a removable portable patient module. Both modules have independent power supply units, each buffered with high-performance lithium-ion manganese batteries. In stationary operation, e.g. during surgery, the patient unit is attached to the basic module. If the patient is moved, the patient module warrants uninterruptible the patient care up to half an hour. The patient unit can be separated from or reattached to the basic unit without any further measures under any operating conditions. This warrants that even mistakes made in the hurried operation of an emergency will not cause the system to fail. This is impressively documented by the approvals pursuant to category IIb MPG by TÜV Süd and the FDA approval.


The power management system comprises seven assemblies in total, providing:


  • Four voltages with the required powers (including peak load coverage)
  • UPS function (2 LiIonMn batteries) both in the basic and patient modules
  • Monitored and temperature-guided charging of the batteries
  • Battery management with charging condition determination and batteries display
  • Communication with the superordinated EPC via CAN bus/I2C bus
  • Hot-swap function when separating or reattaching the basic and patient units


A special challenge was the limited installation space inside the machine. Specific solutions for cooling and shielding of the assemblies according to EMC were required.

The LIFEBRIDGE received the Bavarian innovation award and the product design award „red dot“ in 2008. We are proud of our power management system and its essential contribution to this.


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