ABB Kaufel GmbH: Safety power supply for OR lighting

Founded as a battery manufacturer in the 1920s, Kaufel has now become a leading producer of safety lighting and power supply systems. Today, the Berlin-based company is part of the ABB power and automation group and
has been a customer of FG-ELEKTRONIK for more than 15 years.

Throughout Europe, ABB Kaufel systems ensure uninterrupted performance, for example, in medical facilities if the main power supply should ever fail. Kaufel has developed a battery-supported emergency power supply specifically
for 24V operating lights according to DIN VDE 0100-710. This feeds the connected operating room lights without interruption in stand-by parallel operation. If the mains supply is available within the permitted tolerances,
the thyristor-controlled rectifier supplies the lights in accordance with VDE requirements via pulsed buck converters which were developed by FG to the customer‘s specification.

If the power fails, the battery takes over the supply without interruption and without switching over. The great advantage: As in mains operation, the supply voltage is regulated to ±1% and the operating room lights receive a constant voltage. This means that there is no appreciable difference from normal mains operation and work can continue safely.

The drop-down regulator developed by FG has the following features:

  • Master and slave versions, 300W each, with the slave being used to increase performance and operated in parallel (controlled by the master)
  • Output voltage adjustable via a trimmer
  • Set output voltage can be dimmed via external control current
  • Variable overvoltage protection, depending on the set output voltage


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