Organ Life Box: Ground-breaking system for organ storage

Within the scope of the ZIM-supported Organ Life Tool network, FG is playing a crucial role in the development of a ground-breaking system for organ storage. The aim of the Organ Life Box is to help ensure that use can be made in the future of donor organs that have so far been completely unusable or only usable to a limited extent.

Against the background of a growing lack of donor organs, the development of new methods for the better preservation and use of what are termed ‚marginal organs‘ is becoming increasingly important. For kidney transplants in particular, studies have demonstrated the superiority of extracorporeal organ perfusion over static cold storage. On this basis, the Organ Life Box part-project adopted the goal of developing a multifunctional unit for the sterile storage of explanted organs. Equipped with intelligent temperature and leakage management, the Life Box is to be used as a stand-alone module during extracorporeal organ perfusion – initially in an experimental setting and then in a clinical one. Users are thus provided with an easy-to-use tool for transport and for stationary use.

As a specialist in uninterruptible power supply and energy management systems, FG has provided the power supply concept for the Organ Life Box. Apart from developing a mobile power supply solution, this also includes information processing and communications, plus the associated sensor, regulating and control technology and temperature management. In addition, FG is responsible for regulatory coordination within the project, and especially ensuring compliance with standards throughout the entire development process by all project partners. These include the Institute for Biomedical Technology at Dresden Technical University, KOOP Industrial Design and the Department of Urology and Paediatric Urology of Saarland University.



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