Stephan Medizintechnik GmbH: Sophie Paediatrics Ventilator


Fritz Stephan GmbH is one of the globally leading manufacturers of medical technology ventilation systems. The ventilation system „SOPHIE“ is a neonatology product (medicine for premature babies and new-borns) and designed and approved as such for clinical use around the world.

In close cooperation with the developers and constructors of our customer, we have developed a modular power supply solution that is inserted in the device from the rear as an entire casing unit. This power supply should be the basis for the power supply concept of other end devices according to the platform idea. The intention to use SOPHIE in any region of the world requires an extremely robust design, as well as a supply unit with a wide input voltage range and reliable buffering in case of mains outage.


  • Several voltages with the required powers (including peak load coverage)
  • UPS function (LiIonMn battery)
  • Monitored and temperature-guided battery charging
  • Battery management with charge condition determination
  • Communication via CAN-bus with the superordinated EPC


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