Warema Renkhoff SE: Battery-based emergency retract system for Venetian blinds

WAREMA is Europe‘s leading complete provider for sun protection technology and control systems. Venetian blinds are installed as sun protection in many public and private buildings. One area of application is escape doors. The requirements to escape routes in public buildings are increasing continually. WAREMA‘s Venetian blinds with battery-based emergency retraction system solve this problem. They have a retraction motor with an additional battery-based special emergency drive and an emergency retraction control for a very quickly retraction of the curtain and a warranted clear emergency exit within seconds. The emergency retraction can be triggered by manually operating an emergency button, automatically by sensors (e.g. smoke sensor, door contact) or a superordinate control system.


The Venetians are then locked against the superordinate control centre or the manual operation switch, so that no low command is possible in case of emergency. The emergency retraction system is also set up redundantly, so that secure emergency retraction in case of fire or after recognition of failure is warranted. Interferences like power outage, line break or failure of the emergency power batteries are recognised by the emergency control, which regularly checks the battery charge condition and drive component function. If a failure is recognised, the control moves the curtain up and deactivates it until the interference is removed.

FG-ELEKTRONIK developed a control for this in close cooperation with the developers and design engineers at WAREMA. Among others, it warrants the following functions:

  • Current-limited supply of the DC drive for emergency retraction (max. 30 A at 38 V)
  • Cyclic test of both drives (DC and AC)
  • Full UPS function
  • Temperature-controlled battery charging and monitoring
  • Recognition and signalling of all interferences.
  • Secure handling of all possible safety-critical operating conditions
  • Redundant design of safety-critical elements (micro-controller with mutual monitoring)
  • Automatic reference runs to recognise the end positions
  • Communication of the emergency retraction with other WAREMA control systems

FG-ELEKTRONIK assumes the entire production fulfilment for WAREMA.


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