Fritz Schäfer GmbH SSI Schäfer: Power source for LED illumination of a camera system in conveyor technology

SSI Schäfer GmbH is one of the largest global complete providers and component producers in the area of logistics systems. The Schäfer Case Picking System is a shelf-based system for distribution logistics in food trade. This system uses so-called case wheeler lifts to separate the pallets in picking. They take a defined number of packaging units (cases) from a pallet. During removal, an automatic camera system inspects the identity and number of cases removed. For reconciliation with case images stored in the goods management system, the camera system needs a defined illumination of its visual field. This applies for brightness and colour temperature, as well as for the flash sequence. The light source used comprises two high-performance LED panels. The flash is triggered by the camera.

FG-ELEKTRONIK developed the „Current Limiter CL 1015“ for SSI Schäfer for this specific application. This is a time-controlled and parameterisable power source for use in ambience conditions as they are present in globally operated logistics centres.

The CL 1015 provides the performance for the flashes according to definition: The flash time must not exceed 0.5 seconds, followed by a break for the LEDs to cool off again. Flash time, flash intensity (maximum current) and
brightness of the continuous light (continuous current) can be set within defined thresholds to meet the needs of the respective spatial situation at the site of use. All set values can be read via measuring contacts. The system
also has safety features to recognise wire breakage or LED failure. The spatial proximity to drive components requires compliance with the EMC standard for industrial applications.


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